Bacon Press

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Flawless Searing

Take control of streaky bacon on the pan or grill with the ideal solution for flawless searing. With this specially crafted 1,5kg press, the bacon you cook will sear evenly, eliminating raw or overcooked sections. Our unique designed flat weight will stop bacon from curling when frying. Place the bacon press on top of the bacon strips and leave it there while the bacon is cooking. It causes the cooked bacon to come out as perfectly flat, straight strips, and reduces the amount of fat that can splatter from the bacon.

Cooking Perfection

Sized to fit nearly any area you cook in. Made with 100% heavy-duty high grade stainless steel, the Cucina Milano Bacon Press might just be the most indestructible cooking tool you use.

Stylish Handling

Stay Cool handle will allow you to press and lift without fear or need of cooking gloves. We manufacture our press with a stylish all-cool wooden or stainless steel handle.

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Bacon Press

R 999.99

Incl. VAT
Ex Works/Collect

Deliveries limited to the Cape Town area.
R150.00 for postage / packing to other destinations limited to the Republic of South Africa.**

** Price indicated is per Bacon Press. Larger quantities subject to road transport freight costs.


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