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What is a Apoxy Resin

We use what is known as table -top epoxy resin. This resin is a type of polyester resin which when set and hardened, is perfectly crystal clear. Clear resin can be dyed to another colour in order to have a slight hue, but it will remain see-through. Our process can also be used to encase things like coins, fabric, memorabilia, wood, and even photographs can also be sealed with resin. Our Table- top epoxy resin is mainly used for many different projects, but ideally for thin pours. Our technique involves pouring over flat surfaces such as table -tops, bars, or other flat items.

What are Apoxy Resin Tables

When it comes to creating a beautiful wooden table-tops, board room tables, reception counters and or side tables, our epoxy resin products are off the charts, period! Our resin river tables are one of the most desirable pieces of furniture available today and can be seen adorning the stylish living rooms of interior design magazines and the showrooms of exclusive furniture retailers. Our procedure can be used to make a range of furniture pieces which combine wood and clear resin to create stunning effects, including tables of any size or shape, serving boards, chairs and more.

Is Apoxy Resin Eco Friendly

Once cured, Art-Resin is totally inert, and nothing leeches out into the environment. When mixed, no non-reactive material is expelled into the air making the product completely safe and durable.

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