Interior Design


We provide professional advice and the necessary contacts for you to be able to run with the project according to your own budget and time frames. This allows our clients to achieve the look they are going for, helps them to spatially plan correctly and makes them able to complete a project in a professional manner, with the help of highly skilled contractors & suppliers.

What we do

Cucina Milano interiors is an extension of its kitchen, bathroom and if required architectural design capabilities which in tandem with its other divisions offers its clients a broad range of services to meet their specific design needs, throughout the home. Our services range from consulting, to project management, and mostly everything in between. We have access to some of the best suppliers in the industry, as well as innovative products, textures and finishes, complementing our clients wish for their ideal home.

 How does our 5-point plan work?

Step One

You Submit an inquiry, via our email portal, including some information on what you are looking for and which of our finance design packages, you wish to proceed with. We will contact you to arrange an on-site meeting whereby you will have a chance to discuss all your design criteria and receive guidance on the creative direction we envisage.

Step Two

You will then receive a formulated report on what was discussed and what design changes or additions are suggested, including images

Step Three

We will compile amongst other mood-boards, plans and supplier contacts, depending on which financial package you have chosen.

Step Four

We will supply you the required contact details enabling you to get design advice during the project, again depending on which financial package you have chosen.

Step Five

All Orders are placed through Cucina Milano Interiors and no mark ups are applied to the pre-approved orders placed by our clients directly, with the agreed to suppliers.

Payment Plan Options



Per Room we Design (Excl. VAT)


Financial summary
Proposed Images

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Per Room we Design (Excl. VAT)


All items covered in option one plus;
Supplier Contacts
Mood-boards and schematics

Yes, sign me up



Per Room we Design (Excl. VAT)


All items Option Two plus
Video conferencing & Email Support
On site Guidance
Negotiated discounts

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Our Portfolio

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