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What is a grill press used for?

On the stovetop or the grill, the Cucina Milano grill press is handy for ham chicken, beef or hamburger patties and pressing unwanted fats from your burgers and sausage as well as holding heat in your grilled sandwiches and of course your steaks or chicken breasts. The heavy-duty stainless-steel base weighs 1,575kg to provide enough down force to score and seal any meats correctly, keeping in all their essential juices.

How do you clean a stainless steel press?

Care – Season press before first use and occasionally thereafter: coat with vegetable oil and place press in fry pan over medium heat for 5 minutes; wipe away excess oil. Hand-wash in hot water and dry thoroughly, thereafter.

Handy tip for using a grill press.

Grilling is great unless the food being cooked is small or delicate. Fish and seafood, as well as vegetables, can be a challenge. Using our grill press will alleviate these problems. Whether a high direct heat or a low indirect heat, placing our grill press on the grill provides the space to safely hold these more troublesome foods. This is also a perfect solution for grill items that might need a sauce. Imagine prawns for instance. Prawns can fall through the cooking grate unless placed on skewers, but in a cast-iron skillet the whole dish can be prepared in minutes with no worries, and a pair of steaks can be grilling next to it for a perfect surf and turf meal.

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Grill Press

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